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Are you looking for a solution to boost employee morale and team productivity?

Or maybe you don't have enough time to plan an event yourself and you're looking for fresh ideas for a fun activity or a special event from a company you can trust.

If so, then you have come to the right place, our execution team will be ready to add a sporty dynamic flavor to your day! 


Rental, Sales and Customization

We provide upon request rental options for the inflatables of your choice.

We also provide a full service of inflatable sales. We can produce any design with and any quantity needed.

The inflatables rented or sold can be customized according to your logo, event and colors.

Sponsorship and Rentals

We are more than happy to study your requests and event proposals.

We provide upon request the rental equipment of your choice.


For your inquiry: send us an email to

Or call + 961 1 888 855 Ext.: 1211


Franchise and Sales:


Why Mike Sport?

Being a Mike Sport’s franchisee offers you many advantages. 
As industry pioneers and market leaders of the one stop shop sporting goods shop in Lebanon, we offer a winning business model and a strong support system to ensure your smooth and efficient transition to a Mike Sport franchise partner.


Our team is ready to mobilize instantly and transfer knowledge, skills and practices as well as help you operate successfully at maximum capacity!

What do you get when you join our franchise program:

  • Assistance in acquiring and developing your store location 
  • Capacity Building and Corporate training team that will support a comprehensive on and off-site training program for you and your management team
  • Information and assistance in conducting a grand opening marketing program 
  • Customized POS system 
  • A detailed and confidential operations manual
  • Assistance with obtaining necessary equipment and supplies 
  • Corporate team of operations and marketing professionals, plus periodic on-site support
  • Brand owner support and sales analysis

And so much more!

Ready to be one of us?

For opportunities in Lebanon or abroad: 
Email inquiry: 
Or call + 961 1 888 855 Ext.: 1002 


We are distributors of a wide range of sport’s brands. Our portfolio includes accessories, apparel, cosmetics, equipment, footwear, POP, tech & electronics.
Similarly, we can provide tailor made requests related to the sports business in all its aspects.
We have been successfully supplying equipment and products in Lebanon & abroad with a fast and efficient service. 

For your inquiry in Lebanon and abroad: 
Or call + 961 1 888 855 Ext.: 1530


Sports Flooring:


Our installation experts will take care of the set up and development of any type of sports field flooring system from court design, to full installation and maintenance with the highest standards of quality service and products guaranteed.


We supply top performing sports flooring accessories & surfaces, with top quality material guaranteed to become your favorite play court thus increasing your love of the game.


Our know how and expertise of the sports and leisure industry will benefit all interested parties starting from the architects table to the maintenance of an existing facility. We service any of your relevant requirements.


We are a one-stop shop for all of your athletic flooring needs!

For your inquiry in Lebanon and abroad: 
Or call + 961 1 888 855 Ext.: 1230/M: + 961 3 490 052